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Sister of World Famed Group Releases CD Digitally Worldwide

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Sister of World Famed Group Releases CD Digitally Worldwide

Pollyanna Dorough, sister of Howie Dorough from the World Famed Group The Backstreet Boys has released her CD Worldwide through a Deal with Global Records Distribution.

Orlando, Fl and Munich, Germany (PRWEB) June 14, 2007 -- The name "Pollyanna" conjures images of a little girl determined to see the best in life. Although Pollyanna Dorough is a grown woman, her faith and unconquerable spirit have given her the ability to see the best in life, as she beautifully demonstrates in her debut album "Wings of Hope."

This album brings together inspirational sentiments of comfort and faith, with universal melodies and rhythms. Already two of her songs, "Fly to Heaven" and "We Will Meet Again," have been awarded "Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year" from the "UCMVA Unity Awards." In addition her song "Fly to Heaven" was also picked and now appears on the compilation album "A Tribute to Pope John Paul II".

After loosing her sister Caroline from a disease called Lupus in 1998 it was then when she wrote her first song "Fly to Heaven," which is now the theme song for the Dorough Lupus Foundation. This non-profit organization was established by her family to promote lupus awareness, education and funds for research centers to help find a cure for Lupus. A portion of the proceeds from the album sales are benefiting the Dorough Lupus Foundation and its' mission to help others.

With time-off from the Backstreet Boys, Howie jumped in to encourage his sister in the studio, writing and recording as the Executive Producer of the album. "I've been blessed to feel Pollyanna's uplifting spirit my entire life," Howie says. "I want others to hear and fall in love with her and her music the way I have."

Even before releasing her album, Pollyanna has always remained busy performing her music as a solo artist or partnering-up with her brother in countless celebrations throughout the United States and internationally in Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland, South America, Puerto Rico and Japan. She has also gained thousands of Latin American fans while touring as an opening act for the Backstreet Boys' "Black & Blue Tour" that filled stadiums throughout South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Panama. Pollyanna and Howie recently returned from performing for our military troops in Spain and Italy through the USO Tour in April 2006.

Although Pollyanna has always had a soft spot for her music, she has also participated as a featured personality for many different events, such as judging MTV's "Wannabe" series, hosting the "Mercadofest 2004," teaching for Holland's "Christian Artists Seminar" and co-hosting the "United Catholic Music Video Association Unity Awards" for the past six years. In 2001 she was tapped by "TEEN BEAT" Magazine as a celebrity columnist for a monthly feature entitled ASK POLLYANNA!

To learn more about Pollyanna, hear her music or order your own autographed copy of her album "Wings of Hope," please visit Pollyanna's website at www.Pollyanna.net.

learn more about the Dorough Lupus Foundation and how you can help, please visit their website www.DoroughLupusFoundation.org.

Digital Downloads of Pollyanna music will be available on June 15th.